About ATL

About the Look, LLP is a multifaceted bespoke atelier with offices in New York, DC, Palm Beach and soon to be Miami. It is Inclusive of gifted architects, builders, woodworking craftsman, interior designers and historical preservationists. Artisans who are committed to the breadth and balance of reinterpreting classic designs and timeless traditional luxury, with a style that is simple, sophisticated, sumptuous and infused with a fresh contemporary edge made for everyday comfort.

ATL is a holistic firm that specializes in real estate acquisitions, historic restorations, home renovations, new construction and interior design services of residential and commercial structures. Our expansive array of services provides a savvy edge for discerning clients, excited about working with a consistent group of talented professionals, who can work on their project from start to finish. Let your next design project begin and end with us.